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About the company

Good lawyers to the people. Even if you can't afford it.

We are working with helping ordinary people achieve a higher level of security in the private lives, through legal protection. Our company HELP Försäkring Filial was established i May 2012, a branch of Norwegian HELP Forsikring AS.

HELP is the only insurance company in Scandinavia that specialises in legal insurance. Legal insurance is a new way of offering legal services. Today we have more than 160 employees in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen and more than 400.000 clients, and their families, are insured by us.


Our principal HELP Forskikring AS is part of the German ARAG Group, an international insurance company specialized in legal service and insurance. ARAG is represented in 17 countries and has more than 4 000 employees.

We follow Forsikringsverksamhetsloven, the Norwegian legislation regarding insurance companies. 

Business idea

We aim to make legal services more readily available for the private market through wide distribution of our legal insurance products.


We make legal services available to everybody.

Legal power house

HELP is the No. 1 provider of legal protection to individuals in Scandinavia. Our more than 150 in-house lawyers specialise in private law. We want our clients to save time, money and trouble in relation to legal matters. Our clients are welcome to regard HELP as their own private lawyer.

Core products

Family Legal Insurance

Our family legal insurance covers legal aid within important areas of private law, such as family law, heritage law, fixed property matters and consumer purchase of goods or craftsman services. The insurance covers both legal counselling and legal services in case of conflict. 17 national unions in Norway and Sweden have collective agreements with HELP and have made Family Legal Insurance a part of their union membership benefits.

Homebuyer Insurance

The legal insurance Jurist Bostad provides legal assistance for people who sell or by their private homes. Jurist Bostad is offered by real estate agents, in connection with purchase or sale. The insurance ensures a private lawyer for a full year. 

The promise to our customers

Leave your legal concerns to us. You may regard HELP your own private lawyer.

If you wish to receive information about our products in English, please contact customer service at +46 8 524 640 00 or send an email to info@helpforsakring.se